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Land off Wantage Road Today

Land off Wantage Road covers an area of approximately 2.5ha and is approximately 2km north-west of Wallingford Town Centre. It is bound by the North Wessex Downs Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the north, and agricultural land to the east and south. There are existing houses to the west as well as existing buildings and structures including greenhouses and polytunnels which are associated with part of the site’s current use as a commercial plant nursery and landscaping business.

Red star identifies proposed location of new homes in relation to Wallingford Town Centre

A small sustainable development of new homes in this location would represent a logical extension to the existing town, sitting immediately adjacent to existing homes along Wantage Road and within the development boundary identified in the Adopted Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan.

In the adopted South Oxfordshire Local Plan Wallingford is designated as a ‘Town Centre’  meaning it can accommodate new homes. Additionally, prospective residents would benefit from Wallingford’s existing public transport links and amenities.

Land off Wantage Road is part brownfield, part greenfield, is not located within Green Belt, a Conservation Area or a Flood Zone and is located outside of the AONB.

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