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Landscaping & Views

We are submitting a proposal that responds to the surrounding landscape and respects views to and from the North Wessex Downs AONB.

A Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment will be submitted with the planning application which will include a range of views taken including from Wantage Road, and from the footpaths on the edge of and within the AONB to the east, north and north east and the wider landscape to the south and south west. Below are some selected views showing the visibility of the proposed development from key locations.

The new homes will utilise the existing access on Wantage Road (above) which will be widened and upgraded accordingly

Views of the new homes from Slade End Roundabout

The above view shows the proximity of the new homes to the existing footpath along the northern boundary

We will be improving biodiversity by introducing tree planting as part of the site-wide green infrastructure strategy, retaining the existing boundary hedgerows and creating a 20m wide area of landscaped, publicly accessible open space along the boundaries of the new homes.

 A significant increase in tree numbers and species diversity will be outlined in a detailed Landscaping Plan and Arboricultural Assessment which will accompany the planning application.

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